How tall can a building be?

The Burj Dubai under construction will be 818m / 2684 ft tall – over ½ a mile.
The proposed Al Burg also in Dubai if built will be 1200m / 3937 ft tall – ¾ of a mile.

How far can we go with current technology?
Is there a limit?

We are limited by our current technology, but technology will 'improve' to allow us to build higher.

It shouldn't be technology, or the fact that 'we can' that should limit us - it should be whether we SHOULD that limits us.

I can't imagine how people are going to escape from such a building in the event of a catastrophe - just look at what happened with the twin towers - there was no way for people to escape from above a certain point.

Perhaps when enough people have died in this type of building, the architects and governments involved will finally realise that what they are doing is storing up trouble.
I think we can go a bit higher, higher buildings tend to need a larger base to distribute and support the weight though, and there aren't many large empty spots for a building, at least not in a region where a large building would be needed.
How far can you dig down - foundations ?
How wide can you afford the base to be ?
Are you prepared to allow the building to flex ?
How many lift shafts?
IR you could be a building that went into space - but it would be almost horizontal at the top - and would have a base the size of Wales. Also engineering the curve and carry materials to teh top - working in minimal gravity with no air might prove a tad expensive and difficult.

Great to see though and no need for ground launched space flights.
With our technology we could go alot higher but the base would have to be huge. Space is the reason for the height so i suspect we are at the economic limit for ground space and cost.
how much money do you have the technology these days can go very far but its always in the money
a french architect design a city in on building with planes runway that was in 1980s i guess this is th farthes thing may be acheived and by the way the city is half a mile high

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