Any one help me?

hi friend i want to know about what is meant by Tensegrity structures .. how it design from basics.friend i saw the structures in IITm chennai in ceafest function any IIT student read this msg can reply me..i need urgent

The word Tensegrity is borrowed from an architect, engineer, scientist and dreamer whom Carlos Castaneda admired: R. Buckminster Fuller, who described tensegrity as a combination of tensional integrity, the forces at work in a structure that is formed by a finite network of compression, or rigid elements interconnected through tensile, or elastic elements which give the structure its overall integrity. Due to this elastic property of interconnections, when one element of the tensegrity structure is shifted, this shift is spread throughout the whole structure, and all the other elements shift as well, or adapt for a new configuration, yielding to these shifts without breaking.

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