What must I be talented and interested in, in order to be a Civil / and or Structural engineer?

What kind of positions would i hold in a company if i graduate with a civil and structuring engineer degree? like what would i actually be in charge of? do i do more designing work or overlooking work? wat do i actually do?

Short term talents - ask a lot of questions of architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and your bosses, be able to listen to them and follow direction. No, you won't be in charge of anything, but supervision isn't someone standing over you cracking a whip. They have work to do themselves and it isn't staring at the back of your head. Organization is also a skill, as well as the ability to present your thoughts clearly.

Long term talents - communication skills come in both when dealing with your superiors and your eventual underlings. You also need to be able to communicate both with managers (who are business types with a fair contempt for science) and architects, who don't necessarily want to hear an hour of calculations to prove why you can't build it that way.
You will not be in charge of anything. After graduation, you will have to pass your EIT exam and work for 4 years under the direct supervision of a PE. Most likely you will start out at the bottom doing quantity takeoffs for projects until you go cross eyed.

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