Blocking radio signal coming through power line?

I am looking to block a radio station tower signal which seems to come through on any speaker plunged into the house electical system. I recieve no signal problems from speakers powered by battery. It there a way to filter the power line?

Get a capacitor with a value between .1 and 5 microfarads, rated at 200V (400 if you live in a place with 220V electricity). Place this capacitor in parallel with the power line. You could also use a power conditioner (massive isolation transformer), or a small inductor connected in series with the power line. If your equipment runs on DC, add a voltage regulator somewhere in the power supply.
Not my area of expertise but this happened to me many years ago. My neighbor had a HAM radio station and his output was above the allowed standards.

There is an agency (the FCC?) that handles these over-outputs. Look for a very tall tower ontop of houses or in yards around you. This 'may' be your culprit, ask if he can lower his amperage. Then call the authority and turn him in if it doesn't stop.
this is basically due to interference in power and communication line.use filters either low r high pass in the power line to get absoluet power.

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