2 laser questions?

1. What power does a laser pointer have to be to pop baloons and/or burn things?
2.How can you turn a regular laser pointer into such a weapon?

That depends on what color the balloon and laser are and how concentrated you can get the light onto the balloon. I have burned quarter-inch holes through paper (accidentally) with a 5 watt argon laser, but that was a water-cooled device that took a three-phase power supply and cost several thousand dollars.

Lasers aren't very efficient power converters. With today's technology, laser "death rays" are still the stuff of science fantasy. For every kilowatt delivered to the target, the wielder would have to dispose of perhaps a hundred kilowatts of power safely - not an easy task in a portable device. If you want to burn something, a match would be more effective and a lot cheaper.
true, (to answer above) but c4 would be neater to do that
I have seen claims for popping balloons using a 250 mw laser under ideal conditions. Focused, the right col or etc.
You can not turn a standard laser pointer into such a 'weapon' . You would have to start from scratch. Laser diodes have a very narrow operating range and any attempt to overload them turns them into very expensive LED's ;-) Also any laser powerful enough to pop balloons would also be capable of frying eyeballs, even the reflections are extremely dangerous.

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