A tank is a cylinder 5 ft long with a diameter of 2 ft,a pump pours gas at the rate of 3ft(cubed)per minute.?

How many minutes does it take to fill the empty tank with that pump?

Volume , (Pi R<2 * L) 1* 3.14 * 5 = 15.7 Cu. Ft.
Vol. / 3 Cu. Ft./Min. (rate), = 5.23 Min
5.236 minutes
Volume = (1^2) * Pi * 5 = 15.71 ft^3

Fill Time = Volume/Rate = 15.71 Ft^3 / 3 ft^3/min = 5.24 min
As you know gas in compressible fluid. You should clear what is the pressure of filling gas. I mean 3 ft/ min i.e 3 CFM at what press. condition ? Ifi it is atm, time will be more. if it is say 1 kg/cm2g ..time will be less. hence depends upon the filling gas pressue. And againWhat tank press you r looking for ? If tank is vaccum, just .0000000000000001 % of GAS WILL FILL UP THE TANK BUT PRESSURE WILL BE ABS VACUUM .

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