10 points for the best answer regarding BITS Pilani campuses?

I know the BITS Pilani Rajasthan Campus is the oldest and so, it'll be considered better. What I want to know is that is it worth being a BITsian? Whether a person graduates from IIT-Delhi or IIT-Kanpur doesn't make a difference because that person has got the brand IIT behind his back. Similarly, would it matter whether I graduate from BITS, Pilani-Dubai or BITS Rajasthan? I would still have the brand BITS Pilani behind my back, wouldn't I?
I didn't get a course of my choice in the Rajasthan campus, but I got EEE in the Dubai campus.

I know you're confused. But, let me tell you. A guy like you has a really bright future.
You're right about the brand IITs. Let me tell you. You're also right about BITS brand. It won't matter at all whether you graduate from Dubai campus or Rajasthan campus. Since, Dubai is in UAE, it can't be ranked in Indian colleges, but it's really good. Rajasthan campus is obviously the best, but as of now, Dubai campus is the only branch of BITS that's coming at par with it because every year around 1200 students get admitted.

The course, semester programs are the same as that of BITS, Pilani-India. The cut-offs are also increasing in Dubai campus. Last year it, was 88% for CSE and 87% for EEE, so you can see what I'm saying.
Go to Dubai since, you are getting a course of your choice.
Good luck.

Oxford or Cambridge.
You just have to have super great grades and it will not really matter that much
To aim for BITS pilani would be dream for any 12th student. IT is one of the most highly reputed college in India. To secure a seat the candidate must be a state rank holder.

Joining the campus alone is enough for the multinational companies to pick u & fly like a crow.

I see, U r even more than that. U r looking upon a university that offers what u want. Surely u r a kind of person who is chasing ur dreams.

I wish u all the best. I guess Dubai would better suit ur educational need.

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