Calculating water flow though a 5/8 water hose pr hour?

FLOW in terms of units is VOLUME per TIME.

So... to measure flow you would need to know how much volume is flowing in a certain amount of time.

How in the world do you do this...?

First, you could find a big container that holds a known VOLUME, such as a 5 gallon jug.

Next, have a stop watch ready.

Turn the valve on until it is wide open and the water if flowing at full capacity.

The second you put the hose in the jug start the stop watch. Stop the TIME when the jug is full.

Here is the idea...remember FLOW is VOLUME / TIME (volume per time)

If it takes 100 seconds to fill the 5 gallon jug then the flow is

5 gallons per 100 seconds


0.05 gallons per second
0.05 gal / sec

If you want the flow in hours you have to convert seconds to hours

multiply the value by 3600 (because there are 3600 seconds in an hour)

This would be
3600 sec / hour x 0.05 gal / sec = 180 gal/hour

180 gal is not necessarily the answer for your hose, it is just the case in this example. You will have to do the experiment yourself.

Need more information.
There are tables you look this stuff up in. It is a function of the type of hose (if you want to get really accurate - inside wall resistance to flow), the length of the hose (a certain diameter hose has a fixed resistance to flow per yard of hose), the pressure of the water in the hose, and the temperature of that water.

Go to the library and get a fluid dynamics handbook.


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