Which Thermodynamics??

I am an engineering student and i need to take a thermodynamics course. My school offers three courses, one called chemical thermodynamics in the chemistry department, one called chemical engineering thermodynamics in the chem eng department, and another just called thermodynamics in the mechanical engineering department. What are the differences between these three and which one should I take??

It is important to take the Thermo associated with your major. I say this because at most universities the credits are not transferable.
you havent mentioned your major. i have taken both chemical thermo, and thermo... themical thermo is a little bit more specified, in some ways it focuses on chemical reactions and their thermodynamic properties. but in general thermo, they start with Physical chemistry and show you the general rules of thermodynamics. Though they can be really the same thing depending on the professor.
i wish you had mentioned your major.

Good luck

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