About thermodynamics?

i got this assingment today.but i couldnt find a good source of info.so i m trying here.the question goes like this

Give the difference between closed system and isolated system.give a few reasons and examples

thank u for answering this question.i really owe u guys

A closed system is one where energy can be transferred to and from the system, but mass cannot be transferred. Uh, Maybe..a tank. with the inlet and outlet valves closed. And you're heating it. YEAH!

Sorry, these are hard to think of this late at night.

An isolated system is one in which all energy and mass flows occur within the system... no energy OR mass enters OR leaves. A really big example is the universe.
I think the previous person pretty much got it...
Examples- Closed system- a closed container, a cup with a lid on it
Isolated system- an ideal thermos flask (the ones in which coffee stays warm) I dont think there is an acutal example of this becoz such a system is hard to make

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