Can a Plasma Gas Furnace destroy low grade nuclear waste without creating a radioactive residue hazard?

Or could the PGF process at least condense the amount of waste so existing storage facilities would be able to handle the expected volume of low-grade waste now that nuclear energy may be coming back in vogue.

I've been doing a variety of casual research on Plasma Gas Waste disposal systems in my search for answers about environmental problems. I had a "eureka" moment when I considered the synergy of the PGF and the enormous amount of residual slightly radioactive waste from the Medical & research world. ã

You can't destroy nuclear material with any chemical fire -- you need enough energy (like that found inside the sun) to transmute the radioactive elements into non-radioactive isotopes either by fission, spallation, or fusion. No chemical-based fire has that much power.

If there is other burnable non-radioactive waste associated with the radioactive elements (even in trace amounts), then burning would reduce the volume, but it would not remove the radioactivity -- it would just concentrate it, like you want to do, possibly making it more dangerous.


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