Anyone know how to use a 7 function multitester?

I found a 7 function multitester that I've had for awhile but never used much. I figured that this would be more practical to use if any electrical problem came up, instead of buying a voltage detector and a continuity tester. Anyone know how to use the 7 function multitester? (The make is a Cen-Tech)

Step one, change the battery (batteries) if it's been idle for a while the battery that drives the continuity tester and resistance ranges will probs need chaning. For voltage checks on mains operated equipment use the 250VAC range. For continuity use the continuity test position (sometimes marked as a diode symbol) or the Ohms x 1 range.
I am familiar with 5 function multimeter's, namely

Ohms or continuity
Volts AC
Volts DC
Current, AC
Current, DC

The full scale range for each function is controlled by a switch (dial) setting.

When measuring voltages, always start at the high range and work your way down to prevent damage to the tester.,

Always make sure (very important) that power is off before you make any continuity/ohms measurements.

Other than that, Ir's just a matter of selecting what function you want to measure on the dial, set the dial to that function, select the proper range and then connect your test leads.

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