Another AC question?

Do ACs generate more heat than they are able to move at a given time ?

Not unless it's malfunctioning. An air conditioner can remove about 8-10 times the energy in heat as it uses in electricity. That's because the air conditioner is nothing more than a heat pump. It doesn't create "anti-energy" or anything to counter the simply collects heat and then dumps it outside.

Air conditioner "efficiencies" are termed "coefficients of performance" and rate how effective an air conditioner is at removing heat. It's a ratio of the amount of heat removed to the amount of energy used to effect the movement. Coefficients of performance for modern air conditioners run from 8:1 to 14:1.
No, they absorb heat from the air and there is also heat generated by the compressor-(heat of compression) All of this heat is rejected to the outside by the condensor
The above answers are correct - however, if you put a window AC in the middle of a room and close the windows and doors, then turn it on, the room will get warmer.
BLUE SKY - you would then have a dehumidifier. The heat input into the room will still be the same approx.15 % to the compressor and fan motors.

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