Ac quesiton?

So if heat is a form of energy, why cant we find a better way to utilize/move it than the current methods we have now.

a) Second Law of Thermodynamics. Read it.

b) You're more than welcome to try. Bear in mind that the brightest minds have been working on it for 250 years.
Also working on co2 systems now---very interesting
Simplicity and cost. The vapor compressoiion system has been adapted to the electrification of homes and commerce.
Industries have been using absorption systems for years. These are ideal where there is a suitable quality of waste heat avaiable to utilize. Absorption was adapted to gas as the energy source in the first residential refrigerators in the late 1930 and the 1940's, but then electric took over in the 50's because of cost and efficiency. I look for a "rediscovery" of absorption refrigeration and air conditioning utilizing solar energy with gas or electric backup.

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