About Under reinforced and over reinforced beams?

*Three possibilities in Inelastic Behavior :
Compression Failure - (over-reinforced beam)
Tension Failure - (under-reinforced beam)
Balanced Failure - (balanced reinforcement)
Inelastic Behavior :
Compression Failure :
The concrete will crush before the steel yields. This is a sudden failure.
The beam is known as an over-reinforced beam.
Inelastic Behavior :
Tension Failure -
The reinforcement yields before the concrete crushes. The concrete crushes is a secondary compression failure.

The beam is known as an under-reinforced beam.
Inelastic Behavior -
Balanced Failure
The concrete crushes and the steel yields simultaneously.

The beam is known as an balanced-reinforced beam.
Inelastic Behavior
Which type of failure is the most desirable?
The under-reinforced beam is the most desirable.
Under reinforced beams have the possibility to break under heavy loading.

Over reinforced beams cost more to make than necessary and may weigh more than expected, putting the design at risk.

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