Where can I get copper plating done in UK?

I want to have some small pieces from my motorbike 'coppered' but all the places I've looked into do things on a huge industrial scale. Don't wanna do it myself, either!!

I'm sure there must be lots of smaller places all over the country, I once had a kitchen weighing scale base (cast iron) copper plated. It did not seem a big deal.

P.S. you should discuss it with the company when you find them, as there's copper and then there's copper. The item will be plated with a base metal first (maybe nickel?), and the base metal will determine some properties. Also the platers may provide a lacquering service, as fresh copper will quickly oxidise. If you explain the purpose and working environment, they will advise.

Hope this helps a bit.
Better buy the parts coppered. In india, you can get such small jobs done economically but I doubt whether you can get it done in US UK etc.

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