Welding case hardenend steel?

I have been asked to weld some new teeth on a case hardened bucket at work but i am unsure how to go about it, i am a welder but have never welded case hardend before, any help please, thanks......

You could weld it using arc and disimilar rods,
yet ive welded hundreds of buckets on an assortment of plant and i always use good old mig with 1mm mild steel wire, you will have no problem and if you are worried then just heat up the welded area to cherry red afterwards and use oil to quench that will herden the surface back up, although i wouldnt bother myself. hope this helps.
Use a good pre heat ~250 C- assuming teeth are hardened and carbon / alloy steel.
Use MIG and flux cored wire
If heavy section - apply a post heat and slow cool
if thin section - preheat + weld heat and slow cool
Major risk is HAZ cracking

Pre heat is key to success
any form of electric welding will break through case hardening using mild steel electrodes, case hardening is microns thick and any carbon surface is rapidly dispersed, try to identify the base metal it is usually mild steel

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