Which course is better Electrical/Electronics Engineering or Computer Science?

I can't speak for computer science, but I took electrical/electronic engineering and it's given me plenty of diversity and opportunities.

From working with cabling in Britain, I now live and work in Australia still within the electrical industry. But now I run a department in a distribution company.
Electronics Engineering
there are more jobs available to an electrical engineer than to someone with a computer science degree. the field has been overly flooded in computer science and the market is terrible for that job field. plus.. you'll get plenty of computer tech training as an engineer.
Computer Science is an application of principles used in Electrical/Electronics Engineering. However, there is more detail about computer hardware architecture and software design in Computer Science than in Electrical/Electronics Engineering. If you are interested in designing computers and/or integrating computers/software into systems of all kinds, then you will need to study Computer Science to some degree. What are you interested in studying and what do you want to do for a career? Plan for your future.
There is more math and physics in Engineering than in Computer Science.

It was my impression as an EE major with a CSC minor that Computer Science was easier, and required you to be more creative, than Engineering -- if that is what you prefer.
obviously electronics,especially applied electronics and instrumentation.

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