A plug c0nnected to a refrigerat0r has a 13A fuse. what is the use of the fuse?

ch0ose one...
a-to reduce the current flowing
b-to increase the voltage across the refrigerator
c-to prevent any leakage of circuit
d-to pr0tect the wire fr0m overheating

None. Fuse or circuit breakers, are devices that protect your electronic equipments(ee) from getting damaged by a surge that has a current more than what ee could handle.
In this case your ee can not handle 13A or more. So if you get such surge , the fuse blows causing an open circuit, and not allowing high current to get to ee.

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d - fuses are always there for protection, and do not otherwise affect the circuit!
d it acts as a circuit breaker - if there is a surge of electricity the fuse breaks the circuit and stops the wire from burning and setting the appliance on fire
none of the above
the fuse is there to protect your refridgerator from surges in power and to trip if there is a fault in the power that way the fuse blows and your refridgerator is ok
It's primarily a safety device. If there is a surge of electricity, the appliance could break or even become dangerous. If the current exceeds the fuse's "capacity" then the metal wire melts and the circuit is broken.

A fuse alway acts to protect the wiring and prevent fires. Fuses have no effect on current or voltage and will not effect leakage.
both c and d
The correct answer is D. The fuse in the plug will melt (opening the circuit) if too much current flows through the cord. This protects the wiring from overheating.

Answer C refers to a ground-fault-circuit interrupter (GFCI) that operates if there is more than 5 milliamps of leakage current. The only way the fuse would operate for leakage current is if the total current exceeded the minimum melt rating of the 13-amp fuse.

Fuses do not alter the voltage and only reduce the current to zero when the fuse melts. Answers A and B are not the function of a fuse.
d)...The fuse protects the compressor motor from over-current.
Overheating or excess friction (worn bearings, loss of oil etc. in the motor or compressor) or overload of refrigeration system, will tend to overload the motor.
If the current reaches 13A, the fuse will blow.
The fuse is basically a "fail safe" device.

In case if your refrigerator mal functions and causes drawing more current from the mains...it may heat up and might cause accident. In order to prevent such things, fuse is used.

When your refrigerator draws over current, the fuse blows and
the entire system "fail safe".


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