If I so happened to attatch a mortar shell (the firework type that fire out of the tubes. Also the icecream looking shells(with the ball on top) not the cylindrical ones) to a model rocket. What would the expected outcome be when launched?

Mind you I have everything set up on the inside with the fuse connected to the engine. So after the engine burns up, the fuse will light, and somewhere between it's apex and the ground it should explode.

I'm just worried though that the top might be too heavy, so when launched it will lean and shoot in a different direction other than up.

I was wondering if the rounded nose of the rocket would make the aerodynamics worse, and if the top is too heavy. Because normally the bottom would be heavier due to the engine but such is not the case. Will it screw up it's flight path completely?

Would it also be a good idea to add fins near the top of the rocket? (currently it only has four on the bottom)

Any advice

It's likely to be unstable since your CG (center of gravity) will be towards the top, and you want it towards the bottom. Also, the mass increas to carry the shell will be a significant detractor to the performance of the rocket itself, unless you have something fairly massive. The fins won't buy you much at the top, you need the drag at the bottom to overcome any instabilities in the thrust vector and torque about the CG.

Basically, this is not a good idea. Most likely, the rocket will fire, it will carreen and spin and most likely crash back on the ground, ultimately lighting off the mortar for a spectacular ground blast - probably catching you or your neighbors house on fire...lol

It's not that it cant work, you just need to build a custom rocket that controls these variables.
the fins at the bottom should be shaped such that it will create
enought drag to keep it going straight.

the over all weight distribution should be such that the
center of gravity is in the middle or lower.
otherwise its going to tip over. you may have to beef up the
motor to counter the weight in the tip.

adding fins at the top will do nothing to control it.

there is also a good chance that it will explode on the
launch pad. and your going to get hurt.

Why don't you try your first rocket launch with a "dud" warhead that is the same size/weight as the live one and see how it flys? That way if something goes haywire, it will be less dangerous. I don't think the rounded nose will make much difference at the speed that kind of rocket will be going at. But make certian the weight is very evenly distributed so it goes straight.

Please be carefull; a lot of people get hurt doing these home made fireworks experiments! You don't want to go through life with a nickname like; scar-face, patch-eye, or stumpy!

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