Any way to convert Schematic to PCB with any software ?

i want to convert shcematic view to pcb(printed circuit board) but i don't have any idea , plz help me. tnx

Here are a few.

PCB123 requires you purchase the pcb from them, but they are relatively cheap -- or you can just use the printscreen function on your computer to import a bitmap into Paint.exe.

There is software to do this, do a search on PCB CAD. I have always done it by hand (brain) and only small circuits, but it is a very laborious task especially for large boards.

Below is one link I turned up with my search. I think you might be able to find software with will give you a free trial. You will have to enter component sizes and rules on track size, spacing and much much more before you get a useful output.

You can then send your design to a PCB printer via the web and they will come back in the post.
Get a copy of "Nuts and Volts" magazine. There are usually several advertisers that off such software. Some will require you to get your boards from them, others are able to produce a foil pattern on a clear film, ready for use with a photo sensitive pc board.
If it's a simple circuit you can always do it the old fashioned way: Using precision tape or masking pen to form the pads and traces of your circuit on a piece of copper clad. Then you use an "etchant" to dissolve the copper that is not masked by the pen/tape. Drill any required holes i.e. IC pads, connectors etc. and you'll have a simple PCB.

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