Calculation of crawler crane ground bearing pressure?

I am looking for sample calculation that details the steps for estimating the ground bearing pressure exerted by a crawler crane when lifting a load.

Ground pressure is most meaningful (to me at least) when it is measure in pounds per square inch.

An example:

A loader weighs 5000 lbs and lifts a 2000 pound load. The load is distributed on four tires with 150 square inch ground contact per tire.

5000 lbs + 2000 lbs / (4 x 150) = 11.7 ponds per square inch

This assumes the tires are bearing weight equally (which they don't), but you can probably see ahead to how you could estimate the weight carried by a front tire versus a back tire.

The other assumption is that the tire or bearing surface is smooth (which it isn't). Considerably more pressure is exerted by the cleats of a tire than by the recessed surface.

Another interesting calculation:

A 200 lb human with a 25 square inch foottrack/shoe print would exert 8 psi force on the ground when standing on one foot.

Keep in mind that static force is considerably different than impact force.

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