Any hobbyist AM transmitter schematic diagram?

For our school project...

One of the better quality designs I've seen can be found here:

Check out the "Improved Circuit" design further down on that page.

The instructions are very clear.

You can get all of the parts except the coil (you'll be winding your own) at Digikey (, including a 1MHz crystal (see Digikey P/N X066B-ND). That will tune at "1000" on an AM radio. If you happen to have a station in your area near that frequency, you'll have to do a bit more digging for a crystal that gets you "out of the way".

OTOH -- if you're looking for a "kit" that would be easy to build, there are a ton of them out there. One of the "fancier" ones is the Ramsey available at
That one is PLL tuned and has selectable frequencies.

Yes, there certainly are. Just go to the library or search on the internet.
A web site with lots of schematics for simple transmitters is Harry's Homebrew homepages.

He is an engineer with amateur radio interests who lives in Sweden.
make sure that any radio project that you build is legal in the country where you live and don't exceed power limits or you may be in trouble.

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