Hii guys. could any one of u guys help me out by sugesting some nice electronics projects?

hii am a 3rd year btech ( electronics and communication )student.i have some basic idea abt the subject. could any one of u suggest some practical projects which i could do.It would help if the topic is a fresh and implementable one. i would like to do projects using a basic linear integrated ckt such as an op amp.

How an Ipod works!;)
Robots are always fun. A light seeking robot for example. Or a positioning system for a solar panel to track the sun.
dude i did a mini project on temperature controlling using microprocessor/micrecontroller and an intruder alarm as well.
both of them worked...try them out...you'll find the intruder alarm in an issue of electronics 4 u!
since electronics & communications is your thing, make a working wireless phone from scratch
radio shack has small project electronics books that are really cool sources for this type of thing. about $4-5 each.

and they will have the parts at the stores.
If you have a PC and want to have a play with very cheap and easy but very functional microprocessors, do a search for PicAxe. There are chip and board suppliers in the US (and Australia, and...)
The programming language is a form of BASIC, and the software needed is totally free.
They were developed for educational purposes.
Keywords: cheap, functional, fun.

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