Engineering colleges?

what are some good mechanical engineering colleges that you think i could get into?

here is my info

For the extra curricular activities and classes: This is what I planned on taking/doing my Senior year in addition to my existing criteria. Thanks for your help.

GPA (Cumulative): 4.07
GPA (Sophomore/ Junior): 4.15
SAT: 1850 (I plan on retaking it)
SAT Subject: Math Level 2: 630
US History: 730
ACT: 28 (No writing)
Class Rank: 48 of 563
AP classes: 8
AP Test Scores: European History-5
English Language-3
US History- 4
Art history- 4
Honors classes: 4
College Prep classes: 5
Extra curricular: Key Club (community service, 3 years)
Academic League (3 years)
Science Olympiad (3 years)
California Scholarship Federation (2 years)
National Honors Society (1 year)
JV Football (1 year)
Zoo Corps (community service with the San Diego Zoo, 2 years)
Youth ministry (3 years)
Work: Working for a paying job teaching kids (2 yrs-8 yrs) soccer
Referring and Concessions for a soccer park
Working with an engineering firm
Awards: Most Improved Player in Academic League
1st place regional science Olympiad,
5th place regional science Olympiad,
5th place state science Olympiad
Leadership: Projects Commissioner in Key Club (1 year)

i really have no clue i only know of one and thats Uof I (University of Idaho) in Moscow Idaho. my brother is starting school there this fall so good luck

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