Foaming jig for freezers/refrigerators?

I want to use polyurethane as insulator in a freezer I want to produce. I want this freezer to have excellent cooling quality just like the top brands. Can anyone tell me how to construct the foaming jig and if necessary let me have technical drawings or photos?


Depends on the dimensions you are wanting. I would just go buy some 1/4 inch plywood and some 2X2's and go to town.
Build a box. then build another box to go inside it. The ouside box had the 2X2's on the outside. The inside box has the 2X2s' on the inside. Use screws and not nails! Pre drill your holes. Seal all your edges with something... maybe the "Stuff" can of spray insulation foam (Home Depot or Lowes) that is used to seal holes around the house. Put a hinge on two sides to get the thing out.
Good luck!
Bye one

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