Who's the father of modern technology?

It is he who provide us the usage of hi-tech equipment/mats.

The father of modern technology is not a person or individual. It's the Military and the weapons designers mainly at China Lake Weapons Center. They developed the Internet as a method for communication with the battlefield.
I would say whoever invented the battery. That is one of the most versatile inventions ever made, and drastically changed our lives.
Depends what you mean by "modern technology". Possibly Matthew Boulton and his business partner James Watt. Could have been Joseph Black who taught chemistry and physics to James Watt. Could have been Isaac Newton who showed that rational enquiry would result in working theories which could be applied to a lot of apparently unrelated problems.

Could have been the inventors of the telegraph, the steamship and the railway who all speeded up communications by factors of tens to thousands, probably more important than the Internet (so far).
Babbage, Charles 1791(b.)-1871(d.) British mathematician and inventor. His mechanical computing machines were built on principals that anticipated modern electronic computers. Babbage began developing his Difference Engine, a mechanical device to perform simple mathematical calculations, in the 1820s. In the 1830s, he developed the Analytical Engine to carry out more complicated calculations. Both devices were punched-card controlled general purpose calculators, yet neither was ever built by Babbage because of funding. Modern scientists, however, have built his machines to their exact specifications.

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