Why there is no negative sequence current? (power systems)?

What is negative sequence current and what is mean when on a network there is no negative sequence current ?

Negative-sequence is one of three quantities used in the symmetrical component analysis of
three-phase power systems. Symmetrical components are used to calculate unbalanced
conditions on a three-phase system using only a single-phase calculation. This greatly simplifies the process of calculating fault quantities for phase-to-phase, phase-to-ground, and phase-to-phase-to-ground faults on power systems.
Symmetrical components consist of positive-, negative-, and zero-sequence quantities. Basically, positive-sequence quantities are those present during balanced, three-phase conditions. Positive-sequence quantities makeup the normal voltages and currents observed on power systems during typical, steady-state conditions. Negative-sequence quantities are a measure of the amount of unbalance existing on a power system. Zero-sequence quantities are most commonly associated with ground being involved in an unbalanced condition. Negative- and zero-sequence quantities are usually only present in substantial levels during unbalanced, faulted conditions on a power system.
There is no such thing as Negative sequence current. Thats why we have none. If we did it would be a different story regarding transposer dump valve resistance plutoms and the flexy logistical theory, but thats a totally different issue. We have only found Positive. And with regard to why is there no neggy sequence current, its simply cos there is none... End of..
Any asymmetrical 3-phase system of voltages can be split up into three balanced or symmetrical systems of phasors respectively with zero, positive and negative phase sequence. These are called symmetrical components of the asymmetrical system. An exactly similar process is possible for currents. The use of this method is merely a convenient mathematical way of working out problems involving imbalance due to say a fault in a 3 phase system. They do not actually exist and are merely a mathematical tool.
If there is no negative sequence current then the system can be represented by positive and zero sequence components.

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