Does all electrical motor circuit require a commando socket as a means of isolation.?

General UK practice is to fit an isolating switch within 2 metres of the motor that can isolate all supply phases but maintain safety earth connection.
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Not too sure what a commando socket is...but, if you can lock it off, is mechanically operated, has a regulation gap between contacts and it looks like an isolator.

...consider it isolated.

Check your national regs book.
Not sure what country you are from but in uk BS7671 REGS state that all electrical devices should be provided with a safe means of isolation, although they are non specific it should be regarded that the more poles the isolator has the safer it will be. In practice it is better to have a double pole isolator on single phase motor circuits or if it is a poly phase motor circuit then 3phase and neutral isolator is the norm. The protective conductor or earth conductor should never be isolated and should remain connected at all times. This is the uk version i believe of a commando socket.
No, in general electical motor circuits will be hard wired, electrical isolation will be by a suitable isolator switch. normally only movable equipment will be connected via a commando socket and the socket in wuestion should also be isolatable locally by a suitable isolator.

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