For a project I need to be able to support about 1000 Gal. of water 10' in the air, is there a cheap method?

it is very flat here. Trying to conserve energy. I have thought of some but wondering if this idea is brainstormed if I might get some better ideas.
A cheap water tower is the object.

stack up two shipping containers. not an engineer but they're cheap (often free) and will hold the weight. i guess you'd need to spray the inside or something to seal it. must be an engineer around who can suggest a product for that.
What about heavy duty cable / pulleys supporting the container? You can attach to a tree or pole, just throwing that out there.
Use 2X4 beams of wood. With a little engineering research and some simple math you can figure out the most cost efficient and durable way to hold the weight. If you do it right you could support many times that amount. Just remember that 1000 gallons of water equals about 8000 pounds.

The tower itself could easily be constructed of common timbers...pressure treated 4X4's should do nicely...the question is, how to contain the water....

I would suggest building a double deck, and using cheap 35 gallon trash cans..the cheapest ones can be had for about $4, and are watertight..the advantage is that you can keep them covered, which reduces the threat of mosquitoes, and west nile virus/ or malaria, if you live in the southland. You would have to link them together using hose and plastic fittings, of course, but it should work fine. I've done something like that in the past, although not to the degree you're talking about.
Build a swimming pool or leak-proof pond on top of backfill to raise it up.
Try to salvage a hot water heater or two or three from the junk yard. You can always build a strong support from metal or wood.

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