Does anyone know hoe to build a mousetrap racecar?

i don't understand the concept, how can a mousetrap power a car? i'm not allowed to use a rubber band or any other power source, just the spring on the mousetrap. any help would be greatly appreciated!

You basically use the mousetrap going off to propel the car. To to this, you tie a long string to the rear axle of the car, and wind all the string tightly around it. Then you tie the other end of the string to the gate (the part that snaps on the mousetrap). Then you fix the mousetrap to the car, set it, and then make some sort of trigger mechanism that sets the mousetrap off. The gate snaps forward as if it were going to crush a mouse, but as it moves forward, it pulls the string, which turns the axle, which rotates the wheels.
lol i did that in 8th gradee..dont remember how, but i just know i googled it and managed to get an A, still having no idea what i was try searching online.
I had to do this one in High school and the guys who won and set a new record at the school used really nice skateboard bearings on vinyl records. other than that they did a very simple have string turn the axle mechanism.
The secret is to turn the swinging mousetrap bar's motion into propulsion for the car. Use it like an arm to pull a string. The string is initially rolled up around one axle of the car; as the string is pulled off the axle the axle is spun with great force, accelerating the wheels with it. The wheels drive the car -- Zoom!

If you get the basic idea working, you might get better performance if you find a way to drive BOTH axles, giving all-wheel drive.

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