Gas boiler thermal coupling what it it for?

A Safety Device designed to cut the gas off if the pilot is extinguished, so that no unlit gas can pass to the burner. The probe is positioned so that it constantly senses the heat from the pilot, setting up a thermo magnetic force, holding the gas valve open, allowing gas to the burner. If the pilot goes out, the magnetic force breaks down & the gas valve slams shut via a spring.
Thermocouples are temperature sensors
It is Thermo Couple and not what you have put. A TC is made of two wires made from two different metals and fused together at the end. If you connect them to a volt meter and put the fused ends into some heat a voltage will show. The Thermo Couple in this case is probably being used as a heat detector to maybe operate a gas valve. The pilot light will probably have one.
normally the thermocouple is heated by the pilot gas flame. If it is hot it allows the main gas valve to stay open. If the pilot light goes out the thermocouple cools and shuts off the main gas valve in the boiler. It is there to prevent gas coming on if there is no pilot light. Thermocouples are also used in a boiler to sense temperatures and can be low-High temp shut offs or used to control a sequence of functions. Get a gas fitter in, don't do it yourself!

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