Why are high-tension electrical lines suspended from such creepy looking structures?

Why the weird metal things?

High tension power lines are usually suspended from the skeletal metal towers, like the ones pictured in the links below, to minimize the amount of structural material required to suspend the power lines at the desired height.

Do you mean the things that look like a pile of staked disks of varying diameter? Those would be the isolators. The disks are glass or ceramic plates, and they are wider so as to avoid arcing (electricity jumping) up to the pylon structure and grounding the power.
Without them, electricity would not be kept in the wire, and the transmission line would not transmit anything at all.
The creepy structures prevent the pretty sparks. If the electricity leaks out, it wants to go to the ground, in which case the power company loses money, and the residents complain about snow on their TV. There are lots of ways to prevent sparks with insulation. But you can bet that the reason those towers look strange is that they give the best leak protection for the least money.

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