Does anyone know how to draw and label a single phase transformer with a center tapped?


See the diagrams on this page:

In the figure underneath "Q.7", the symbol all the way to the right (item c.______) is a center tapped single phase transformer. It consists of the primary winding (the squiggly part on the left), the iron core (the two vertical lines), and the center-tapped secondary winding (the squiggly part on the right).

The single-phase supply is connected to the primary windings, and the load is connected across the secondary windings (usually with the center tap terminal used as a "ground" reference for the load).

As mentioned, the two vertical lines in the middle represent an iron core. For an air core transformer, these would be left out.

In some cases it is important to add "phase dots", which is a pair of small dark dots -- one near one terminal of the primary winding, and one near one terminal of the secondary winding. These dots tell you what the phase relationship is: when the applied AC voltage is positive on the dotted primary terminal (relative to the other primary terminal), the resulting voltage on the dotted secondary terminal will be positive relative to the other secondary terminal.

Examples of that can be seen here:
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