Why use an LED instead of a light bulb?

Use less power, give a brighter light and last longer than the equivalent filament type bulb

.. Leroue, you'll probs find car manufactures, BMW Mercedes etc are doing just that

Oh forgot to add, they're much, much, more robust too
An LED (light emitting diode) is just a component in a circuit that happens to give off light. Unlike lightbulbs, it therefore gives off no/very little heat, which saves a lot of energy.

This is good for the environment as it wastes less energy on unnecessary heat, and it also allows a much brighter light, while still not using as much energy. Because of this efficient usage of energy, LEDs also have longer lives, so are better all round.
Nobody in his right mind would use an LED instead of a light-bulb..
LED will last much longer.
Incandescent lights (classic light bulbs) convert less than 10% of the electric power they consume into light. The rest goes to heat.

Flourescents convert about 20% of the power into light, and if not switched on and off too often last 10-13 times as many hours as incandescents. Unfortunately they contain mercury so should be disposed of at a hazardous waste facility.

A light emitting diode (LED) converts a whopping 40% of the power it uses to light and lasts very long. The drawback has been getting white light from them, but now that a blue LED has been invented, you can get white light by combining red, green, and blue LEDs. They contain nothing toxic either. They are the coming thing... the 787 interior lighting will be all LED.
More efficient power conversion (require far less power)
Much less heat generated
More directed light output
longer useful lifetime.

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