Could you see this machine within the next 75 years?

A "Home Diagnosis Machine" that looks like a mini MRI machine in your home that you will use daily. First the machine takes a drop of your blood and saliva as a sample. Then you lay on the machine as it brings into the tube, just like an MRI machine. It scans you body for about 5 minutes, taking 3D images of your body and examining the blood. It would be able to tell you everything from your blood pressure, to cancerous tumors, to what vitamins you lack. Your results will be dispalyed on a touch screen. Everything that needs your attention will be shown to you. It will diagnose you and display what medication, vitamins, or medical attention you need. You select the medication you need to buy and the machine will send it to your local pharmacy.

Sure, why not? Except that it will probably not look like a MRI machine at all and won't need 75 years to come to market. Like almost any product, this hypothetical device would have to be user friendly as well as have user appeal. That means no big, bulky machines in the house/apartment. I would envision it as more of a solid state scanner that could be placed on the wall, ceiling, shower, door frame or even in your bed frame (basically anything you walk past). Depending on how many points of origin the scanner(s) has (or perhaps it uses some kind of depth sensitive radiation) it can then scan you in three dimensions while you are stationary. There are already consumer available 3D scanners that place objects on turntables and produce a 3D image. So there's the technological component.
I can also see such a device coming to homes due to society's increasing paranoia and obsession with personal health and hygiene (I think this borders on mass psychosis). Basically anything that promises to be of some benefit to personal health will be easily accepted by consumers even if there are other potential drawbacks.
Factors against the invention of such a device would likely have to be economic or political in nature since social acceptance and technology are already in place. Also, a newer and better method might also be discovered in that time.
75yrs a lil tyo long maybe 30 in 75 mnaybe a smart house that wopuld detect that on its own you wouldnt even have to do anything

well bill gates already has it but for the rest of us we have to wait lol
it depends that may make it eaier to some ppl so they dont have to visit there doctor every day but it depends on how big it is it cant be to big but that is a good idea for ppl tat have to see the doctor like every other day n it is hard 4 them but ithink if in teh future more dieses become discovered and stuff so i think i can see this machine in teh future
doubtful. people buy stair climber machines 'for their health' but turn them into clothes racks. supposing that in the future our living spaces will get smaller it is unlikely anyone will give up the money and/or space to keep one in their home.
however I well imagine such a machine at your doctors office, and maybe even in the pharmacist's like the blood pressure machines are now.
We don't have x-ray machines at home even though they have been around for 75 years. The reason why is that it would be dangerous to take too many x-rays. I am not an expert, but I think too many MRI's can be dangerous.
Just as a machine, not as a product, it could be possible in 10 years for a very, very at a high price. But all the technology required for making such a machine is almost available. The automation could be done by an outfitted robot programmed to do such things, and the analytical equipment such as an MRI exist in labs and Hospitals. It would be impractical to try and build it now, though, because of the size of this equipment. So It would take considerable skill to build it in a way that would be fully automated and small enough to fit in a house, etc. People would appreciate such a machine, if or when it comes.
yeah. definately.

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