Does anyone else see us opening pandoras box by building nanotechnology?

I mean once the box is open its gona be terribly hard to shut if at all. While its true that great good could come from it so could great bad as far as for humans that is. Its probably great for anything that can use nanotechnology better then us... Examples might be intelligent micro organizims and such... How are we to say there arnt any intelligent life forms smaller then us living on this planet just waiting for us to build nanotechnology for them? I'm not saying this is a huge possiblity but wouldnt it be nice if we could just take a break from advancing technology and instead try to learn what all we can do with the technology we have now and expand our minds before we go into the next level of technology...

Why worry about something that is so beyond your control? Have a beer and some nachos-Enjoy life while you can! Happy New Year!
Yes. Do you remember Star Trek The Next Generation ? The one where Wesley is doing an experiment on board the ship where his nanotechnology escapes and screws up the ship ? .. . That stuff is very unstable. Good Luck ! :)
i agree with you, especally after reading the book "PREY" by: Michael Crichton...
why would we need nano technology? what is it exactly?
I'm neither for or against it as I'm not informed enough to have much of an opinion about it, but have you ever read Michael Crichton's "Prey"? If not, I highly recommend it. It's basically about the worst case-scenarios of nanotechnology. Pretty scary stuff. What you're saying is very plausible.
Yes. We're heading toward a lot of pandora's boxes with all kinds of technology: AI, nanotech, biotech, others that I can't think of right now, etc. Whether these advances are good or bad, they're going to happen- it's just human nature. The best we can do is just educate ourselves and prepare for the future.

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