How does a digital clock works.?

means how they work like analog clocks hav small pulleys and chains which keeps on moving and updating time,,like wise how does a digital one works.

Both analog and digital clocks use an oscillation (or vibration), an energy store and a counter.

Digital clocks contain an electronic oscillator (usually timed by a quartz crystal) that vibrates a certain number of times a second. the electronics counts these vibrations and then uses the information to display the time. that is why you set the time - then the clock adds to the setting by counting vibrations. The energy supply is electricity (either mains or battery)

analog clocks use a spring that stores energy (or weights powered by gravity) and an oscillating weight (could be a pendulum in a large clock) that provides the 'ticks' that are counted. A precise series of gears counts out the energy releases - and move the hands.
Microcontrollers are hidden inside a surprising number of products these days. If your microwave oven has an LED or LCD screen and a keypad, it contains a microcontroller. All modern automobiles contain at least one microcontroller, and can have as many as six or seven: The engine is controlled by a microcontroller, as are the anti-lock brakes, the cruise control and so on. Any device that has a remote control almost certainly contains a microcontroller: TVs, VCRs and high-end stereo systems all fall into this category. Nice SLR and digital cameras, cell phones, camcorders, answering machines, laser printers, telephones (the ones with caller ID, 20-number memory, etc.), pagers, and feature-laden refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers (the ones with displays and keypads)... You get the idea. Basically, any product or device that interacts with its user has a microcontroller buried inside.

In this article, we will look at microcontrollers so that you can understand what they are and how they work. Then we will go one step further and discuss how you can start working with microcontrollers yourself -- we will create a digital clock with a microcontroller! We will also build a digital thermometer. In the process, you will learn an awful lot about how microcontrollers are used in commercial products.
Some digital clocks have quartz crystals which vibrate at a precise frequency and this is used as a time base. Others have IC chips which count frequencies generated by circuits on the chip. Crystal based clocks are more accurate and is why most wrist watches employ them. All digital clocks count the beat of the frequency they generate and then calculate the time from the number of beats counted.
digital clock's use either a microcontroller or timer ics like the 555,these devices are programmed to give out pulses every second,and a digital counter can be used to count the no of pulses and a led or lcd displays are used to show the counted value

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