What's the function of ITU,IEEE,3GPP,ETSI,ISO,AN...


I am a telecom engineer. I constantly read specification/standard documents from these orginzations.

My question: What's the function between these orginzations seperately? Is there any relation/ cross-function between them?


Various organizations, such as those with the initials you list, publish guidelines, codes, and standards in their areas of expertise. In that way an engineer or architect, rather than listing pages of specifications, can simply require that a particular standard, ANSI 303.6, say, be met.

When the standards are originally written, and when they are changed, members of the respective organizations meet to talk over the standards in detail. It is common for a member of one organization to help with the standard of another organization where their interests overlap. In some cases such cooperation is acknowledged in the standard. In many cases the standard that is issued carries two numbers, one with the initials of one organization and one with the other. It is then a standard for both organizations and cannot be modified or withdrawn except by mutual consent.
These are all engineering institutes. They are very useful to students. I am a member of AICHE and sometimes they have scholarships, games, and etc, they also sponsor events and come up with fund raising. They are just institutes for Engineers to join and become a group member.
There are relations between most organizations. They are all united and help to better society.

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