Is '' meant for general knowledge questions and not serious Science & Engineering questions?

To one of my Engineerng questions, I got a reply that how many people know the subject and instead of wasting time by typing out the question, I could have spend it better by looking into Wikipedia.

Hey dope, if you keep answering "I don't know" to other people's questions, you're going to get flagged. And it's -10 points for every violation!

So stop points gaming already!
You've already asked this question. is meant to be a forum where average people can ask questions on any topic, serious or otherwise, and allow average people to give their opinions. They may be right or wrong. It's the chance you take. It's the same chance you take when using Wikipedia. I think the person just meant that your time would be better spent looking up a more reliable source rather than waiting for strangers with questionable credibility to answer.
People are lazy. It drives me crazy when I really need help with my Calculus Applications class and I ask a question, then all the retards write "12903209" as the answer. They just make it up so they get the points. It drives me nuts!!
Well, either, really. But seriously, this is pot luck for answers.

In any case, the purpose of academics is to know how to go about getting the information you seek and where the best place to find it might be. If you ask a question here that might have been easily found somewhere else- a basic formulae or the wavelength of the colour blue or the geographic position of Alva, OK- then you will probably get a few sarcastic answers.
Should you be surprised? I shouldn't think so.
To a lot of lamers, Yahoo is just another place for them to "be average" or "below average". Any fool can stop by and earn two points with an inane post. For many lamers this is a major achievement for them. Don't let them dissuade you, just accept the answers that you like and ignore the dorks who "open their mouth and erase all doubt".
I think is turning into the "Do my homework so i can go out party". So allot of people stopped caring.

Allso you should have looked at wikipedia before you asked the question anyway.
If you are looking for a detailed answer to a highly technical problem Yahoo is not the place to go. Doing so is akin to going to a first responder for a heart transplant.

The answers post by the user, for information only, does not guarantee the right.

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