Automobile engines that can run on water, is this True? If it is why are we not using it?

this violates conventional physics

the energy to split water will be greater than burning it yields, for a net loss of energy

I'd say that it's exceedingly unlikely that this car can run on water

and BTW they tried this on mythbusters and concluded it's a sham
Because it is hard to just change from what we're used to. Besides oil companies... They won't allow that.
The big oil Barron's have a choke-hold on anything that becomes a threat to the huge profits that they are making by having a monopoly on fossil fuels. They would be down the tube if somehow hydrogen and other renewable fuels were to come onto the market, or possible ".org" may have the diagrams of an engine that actually does run on water. I have seen the plans for it, but have not had the opportunity to explore it for myself. It is either a hoax, or for real, I'm not sure.
The common ideas of using water to make hydrogen, and thus run the engine simply will not work, as designed. The rate of hydrogen production is to low.
While the oil companies would not want the competition, neither would other companies since this would cut into their profits as well. Our whole economy is based on failure to maintain production, and sales. So, it isn't just the oil companies, but governments, national, as well as international, and many other companies have a vested interest in keeping such discoveries in the "urban legend" realm.
This would require splitting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen through a process called electrolysis. The hydrogen could then be combusted in the engine or used in a fuel cell. However, because the engine is not 100% efficient it would lose energy and could not sustain itself.

Some researchers have been using Solar power for the electrolysis. This would introduce new energy into the system from the sun, but this would require you to have solar panels on your car and could only be used when there is plenty of sun. Or the Electrolysis could be done at a fueling station. I have heard Honda is already working on this. Maybe this will be viable in a few years.

I'm sure there is a ton of info out there on the internet. Try Searching for electrolysis AND Solar And Cars
The main advantage of using fuel cells is that the energy of combustion of hydrogen and oxygen is very high. The problem is that this requires a cheap source of hydrogen, either in the car or at a fuel station, and so far there is no low-cost way to do the electrolysis of water. So in tryth, the engine doesn't run on water, but produces water as a by product of combustion.

Conspiracy theories are not productive for any scientific discussion. Most oil companies would probably want to invest in this kind of technology, and probably are already. They see the advantages of changing from a non-renewable source of profits to a renewable one.

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