Why are many streetlights colored instead of clear/white?

I've noticed alot of cities have streetlights that are tinted slightly copper/orange, instead of the clear/white lights we're used to indoors. Is there a reason for this?

The glare is cut down by adding the colors.. It makes the area look more pleasant..
i havne't noticed.
I suppose it is the sodium tubes they use, which give off a yellowy light.
They're high pressure sodium lights.

They don't use much electricity and they have a long life.

And they're great for growing reefer as well.
white light would probaby be to bright and would cause glares at night... or just too bright in general
yep :-) those light are probably near houses and it's so there isn't so much light pollution, and so that there aren't as many bright lights shining into the house when people are trying to sleep.
They put them up for better view in the fog. The only thing is that you can't see past the darn things. I think they make it worse.
Many years ago it was found that the sodium or orange type lights were better for night drivers to see better.
greater wavelenght ,better view

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