Does the hoover hnl7146 have a filter?

Yes. While the specification sheet doesn't mention it, I found a review that refers to the filter.


Full review
I bought this to replace my 12 year old zanussi as it had finally given up the ghost!

It has 3 quick washes from 59 mins, 44 mins and 29 mins. It then has plently more programs to choose from such as sport, cottons, prewash, rinse, all with varying temperatures up to 90 and a spin up to 1400.

The temperature on the dial next to the program is the maximum it can go to, but there is another dial where you can select a lower temperature if required, down to 30 degrees.

It also has a delay function of 3, 6 or 9 hours and shows in a red bar as it counts down the time till it starts. On the same red bar it also indicates in 60, 30 or 15 mins how much longer of the cycle is left, If no bar shows then the cycle has more than 50 mins to go.

It is easy to get to the filter, and the kick plate that hides it can also be used as the trap to collect the water.

Had left a hair band in an item of clothing and noticed as it was washing. Was able to pause, wait 2 mins for the door to open and remove hairband before recommencing washing again with no leaks.
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