Who invented computer?

i m in 2nd grade...

Archimedes created the first analog (simple gear-based to solve a mathematical problem) computer in ancient Greece 150-100 BC - it was used to predict the locations of the planets.

Charles Babbage is widely recognized for creating the first fixed-program mechanical computer (difference engine) in 1822, but he didn't invent it - J.H. Mueller did it in 1786 but never built one.

Konrad Zuse, a German in 1941, created the first modern computer, an electromechanical (i.e. relay) machine called the Z3.
that babbage guy... i think it's charles
Father of computer is charles babbage.so he is the inventer also
Alan Turing's claim
I'm not say invention but as far as i know from the textbook, the pioneer of computer is Prof. John Atanasoff and his student, Berry. Both of them are from ISU, Iowa State University in United States. The Computer machine is known as ABC (Atanasoff Berry Computer). This machine is use a lot of Vacuum tube, big size, and need a lot of space.

After ABC, the next development of computer is continued by a lot of computer scientist for example John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert from University of Pennsylvania. They success to create an electronic computer called ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator).

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