Does anyone know what wire gauge is used in india?A.W.G?

i have this f.m circuit that requires a 22 a.w.g. 5 inch wire for an antenna.are the wires in india "american gauge" as well?or what?if not how would i obtain a 22 awg wire equivalent in the indian syatem?or what would be an alternative antenna.

In India Imperial or Legal Standard Wire (SWG) is used. I think 22 AWG is 0.0312". This is equivalent to about 21 SWG.
it is American Wire Gauge
this is marine grade wire gauging that is followed by boat building companies
22 Awg will be equal to 0.032 Sqmm
Here is the table that gives you the comparative values ( It's best to measure the wire diameter before you buy it and make sure the material type is correct too):

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