Industrial engineering or construction engineering ? which is harder ?

i'm in a point to choose either industrial engineering or construction math and physics are medium,not that much good.which one involeves more math n physics? and also which one has better job prospects in future ? and please give me any neccessary information regarding these two.
thank you very much for your answers


The best answer is not which one is harder but which one best matches your interests.

Industrial Engineering will most likely lead you to a indoor career in some sort of factory or assembly plant. You will work with making the process of whatever the plant produces as efficient as possible.

Construction Engineering will, of course, lead to careers in the construction industry. Many positions will involve lots of work outside whether cold, hot, rain, or sun. Problem solving will be different from one project to the next since every project is built under different conditions.

I am assuming that you are still in high school. Go to your counselor and see if there is a standardized test to measure your interests/talents that you could take to help you make a more informed decision.

Math and physics will be of use in both careers. Engineering degrees are heavily concentrated in these areas. Take as many math and science courses that you can and work to excel in these areas. Learning spanish will also be very helpful especially in construction.

Good luck!
I assume you have already selected a university. Pick-up the course curricula for these majors and compare them. They will most likely have very similar requirements for math & physics, as well as mechanical eng disciplines.

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