Anybody have the plans for the ancient, Japanese, tea serving robot?

Apparently in the Edo period of japans history, 1603 - 1867, in the possesion of the emporers was a robot, powered merely by the weight of the teacup it held, that could move foreward and shake its head, but only when a teacup was placed in it's grasp. But when the cup is removed, it stops. I first read about while searching for my next project, I'm just finishing up a clock out of legos. Any way, here is where I found it mentioned first: .
After serfing the net (get it "serf"ing?- feudal Japan?? nah), I came across another page ( ), where it is possible to buy a copy of the robot, either assembled or in parts, unfortunately the linked page to actually but it no longer exist, and even if it did, I have no money to buy it (still in high school). My question is this:
Can anybody either e-mail me the schematics, or point me in the right direction?

Did you see this site:
they don't have plans, but you might still find it interesting, there are some pretty good pictures .
They do offer a completed Cha-hakobi Doll (¥399,000 about $4000) or a kit for ¥200,000 which they say takes about 20 hours to assemble. They also offer a workshop for building a different doll, but; "It is scheduled that you take one year to construct a somersault doll at the workshop." so that might not work out too well for you.

EDIT: found some more stuff,
The British Museum has a copy of the book, but only a single page is shown on their web site.

I also found a plastic model kit for $79.99 at
that page has a link to a PDF with the assembly instructions which might be interesting to you, while they are not for building form scratch, they might give you some information on how it works.

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