If i got an idea , where should i turn --- 1800 companys or patent lawyer?

The 1 800 companies are a major rip-off. The Attorney General several years ago sued a bunch of them, but they remained in business. They make their living from inventor fees, not by successfully selling inventions of their clients. If you decide to use one, ask at least these questions.
1. What percentage of your customers have made more money on their invention than they have paid to you?
2. How many inventors do you represent and how many are selling their invention successfully to industry?

Patent lawyers are a good bet for getting you the legal protection you need. Try www.uspto.gov for basic information on the patent system and a directory of patent lawyers arranged by state.

Good luck.
Patent Lawer...


That Should Help With Your Idea And Get It Off The Ground.
If your idea is invention of some sort you have to put it in paper and patent it before you go to companies to sell it. It is for your royalty protection .If you idea is other than above , you may sell it a consenting company or collaborate with the original patent holder .

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