How does the plumbing work in skyscrapers?

Weird question, but I've often wondered exactly how waste from toilets, sinks, etc. flow from the 80th floor to the city sewage system. Is there a massive sewer line that all of the floors are connected to, or what? And how do they provide water pressure for the upper floors?

yep, sewer lines go all the way down.

water is pumped up to the top.
there are pressure check valves at different levels to prevent the pressure being to high.
An air vent connects to all the sinks and toilets and goes all the way to the rooftop just like houses. all the drains connect to a huge line that goes to a sewer main beneath the building. This is why you have a "j" trap under the sink. There is always a layer of water that keeps sewer gas from leaking in through your sink drains "pop up plug" hole. Apartments have one or two hot water heaters per floor, business buildings probably one per 2 or 3 floors. To create pressure on lawn sprinkler systems one only needs to keep reducing the size of the pipe, the farther you go out. ..but for skyscrapers I'm sure they use a pump system from different stages of the main line going in.
theres a main sewer pipe for every 5 floors or depend in the design and theres a transfer floor for every 15 floors . they provide ussualy of sewage treatment vault before they release it in public sewer line

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