What's the difference between the CE & C in calculators?

I know some of them have it on the same button but what about the ones that have 2 differant buttons? They seem to do the same thing...I guess. What do you think?

OK... Here you go.. On most calculators:
C = Clear
CE = Clear entry

CE is used if you make a mistake. For example, you want to do the following calculation: 5 x 60=

When you key, you enter "5" then "X" then accidentally type "66" instead of "60".

To make the correction you can now press the "CE" button (screen will read "0") then key "60" and then "=" you should get the correct answer of 300...

Give it a try...

If you use "C", you will clear the calculator and have to re-key everything.
C clears the current input. C means Clear.

CE clears everything.






According to Vintage Technology, both buttons are a way to clear or cancel an entry. The C button will clear all input to the calculator. The CE button clears the most recent entry, so if you make a mistake in a long computation, you don't need to start all over again.
C stands for CLEAR, which, obviously, clears the numbers. CE stands for...something in greek, I can't remember exactly what, but it usally turns off the calculators.

Hope I helped! (a little)
I believed that
C - Cleared all the information
CE - Cleared an Entry (only the thing you see)

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